Morgan Sindall Professional Services AG

Quick Profile:

  • Branch: Engineering | Design | Consulting | Compliance
  • Number of employees: 350
  • Headquarter: Basel, Switzerland

Company: Morgan Sindall

Your complete engineering partner

Morgan Sindall Professional Services in the D-A-CH Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), is a sustainable engineering and design consultancy that specialises in complex infrastructure, processes and built environments. We provide our services to clients who demand exceptional results, often in challenging surroundings.

Since 1998, we deliver solutions for leading companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medtech, fine chemicals and energy sectors. Currently with over 350 employees, we provide multi-disciplinary teams of project managers, process engineers, architects, laboratory engineers, automation and instrumentation engineers and designers.
Our top-notch performance and one-stop-shop characteristics have made us a reliable engineering partner in the D-A-CH Region.

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