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The Alumni FHNW

In order to make these interdisciplinary opportunities and competencies available to the alumni of the FHNW (graduates) and its predecessor institutions, the alumni associations of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland founded a joint umbrella in 2012 - The Alumni FHNW.

Alumni FHNW creates added value for its members (alumni associations and the FHNW) as well as their current and future alumni & alumnae through a diverse range of services and optimal networking. Four goals are pursued:

  1. Alumni FHNW provides its members with knowledge and experience regarding the establishment as well as the management of an alumni. Alumni FHNW gives its members access to advantageous conditions for selected offers.
  2. Alumni FHNW facilitates the regular exchange of its members and uses, among other things, an informative website and a virtual platform for communication.
  3. Alumni FHNW generates its own ideas, carries out projects within its budget and successfully cooperates with the FHNW, its bodies (e.g. the student organization) and the UAS Switzerland.
  4. Alumni FHNW lives common values and actively contributes to a positive image of its member associations and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

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